My name is James McNeill and I am a Republican candidate running for Anne Arundel County Sheriff as a Conservative Republican. I am a life-long resident of Anne Arundel County and have lived in Glen Burnie, Ferndale, and Gambrills. I am committed to serving my community and have served as a police officer, concerned citizen, community volunteer, and small business owner. I am a committed husband of 34 years and father of three children ages 19, 23, and 27.

I am running a grassroots campaign that I am fully funding. I am a firm supporter of the U.S. Constitution and Christian faith, and I will uphold and defend these values if elected as Sheriff. I will also bring a commonsense approach to the Sheriff's Office. The men and women of Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office are hardworking people who are dedicated to public safety and service. I will ensure these hardworking individuals have the tools and support they need to be successful by partnering with city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and using my own 23 years of law enforcement expertise.

As Sheriff, I will bring my vision for transparency, integrity, and leadership through innovation and implementation of proven technology. To alleviate the backlog of thousands of unserved warrants and control this ongoing issue, I will deploy advanced proven technology into the County's existing wire mesh network, with help from private and federal resources. I will hold the line on warrants and ultimately reduce the outstanding backlog of warrants in Anne Arundel County.

I will establish a unit to combat the fentanyl opioid epidemic to remove these addictive, deadly drugs from the streets and minimize drug overdoses. I will also ensure that all violent criminals are aggressively pursued and removed from the streets to provide a safe environment for both deputies and citizens of Anne Arundel County.

I will also address the human trafficking and exploited children epidemic that is real and present in our County. Although Anne Arundel County is designated as a sanctuary County, I will investigate the illegal immigration issue and initiate open dialogue with both County leaders and residents to ensure these issues remain at the forefront of community conversations. Together, we will develop a strategic plan to protect our children and other vulnerable individuals from trafficking and exploitation.

I will address the outdated safety and security practices, as well as the serious issues with internal control and accountability. I will implement important security procedures and program management to rectify accountability issues discovered through County audits and internal assessments.

I will enable the citizens of Anne Arundel County to become more involved.

I will establish a volunteer Sheriff’s Posse.

I will promote volunteers working within the Sheriff’s Office to help with community

outreach programs, including educating County residents on the opioid epidemic.

I will save taxpayers’ money by identifying volunteers willing to research and highlight established grant programs.

The Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office will benefit from my vision, direction, and vast law enforcement experience. The Sheriff's Office needs a leader who will promote positive change and modern, forward thinking. Choose James H. McNeill for Anne Arundel County Sheriff.